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The most frequently asked questions about children’s book illustrators


A child’s mind is the epitome of creativity and art. This is the reason why kids can find stars during the day, and they can explore the magic in their dreams. Writing for children may seem as if it is easy, but it is as tough of a job as writing for grown-ups would be.

Many writers out their think turn to write books for children, assuming that it would be more comfortable. However, apart from all the process that goes into writing, in general, there is one more thing that a writer would have to do if they are writing for kids and that is to include drawings and illustrations in their books for kids.

When writers who are writing a children’s book for the first time go for hiring professional illustrators, they go through many perplexing phases, the most common questions that most writers have been answered as follows: 

Question no. 1: Why are illustrations impotent for a kid’s book?

Illustrated stories, represented through art, alluring and vibrant colours is what makes a children’s book so special. Many writers who work with publishers work with the artist they provide. However, there are many who think about self-publishing. For those who want to publish their books themselves, the best thing to do is to go for book illustration services.

Question no. 2:  From where can a writer hire a professional illustrator?

For hiring a professional illustrator, a person can go over the internet and start their quest for finding an artist who would work for them. There are many companies, which provide illustration services; you can go for a service provider, the advantage to that is that you can hold them accountable if you do not like their work. However, the disadvantage to that is that you will have to follow the systematic procedure.

If you think that you cannot work with a company, you can go to hiring a freelancer. Working with a freelancer may not feel like an official, but due to the fact that it is relaxed, you can communicate to the artist properly.  Furthermore, you can get a few relaxations in the prices that you pay.

Question no. 3: What are the most active platforms for artists?

There are many platforms where artists post their artwork. However, the most prominent websites where artist posts their art samples are listed as following:

  • Platform no.1: Instagram

Instagram is one of the widest platforms that artist and illustrators use for publishing their artwork. Usually, these artists have a huge following, and they may charge quite a bit of drawing illustrations. However, because they have their art posted so publically, they satisfy the quality standards.

  • Platform no.2: DeviantArt

This is a platform that most artists have been following and using for a long time. Many artists have posted over DeviantArt, and you can go to find the one that works for you.

Question no.4: how much time does it take the illustration process to complete?

Just as writing a book took you time, a few months maybe. The illustration process will take time too because art is a creative process, and an artist needs the time to think and take inspiration. The most challenging part is to visualize a written manuscript, and that might take more than a few days. However, there are a few things that you can do to increase the time that it usually takes. Those things are mentioned as following:

  • Increase communication:

If you communicate with the artist that you have been working with your ideas clearly, you might be able to spark their imagination faster.

  • Give them a pattern to follow:

Give the picture that you have in your head if you want a character to look a certain way then tell it to your artist. This will help them to picture your characters better.

  • Collaborate and be patient:

Work with your artist with patience; there might be times when the artist that you work with does not respond to your request in a timely manner, and there might be a time when they request your presence majorly. In that case, try to work things out with your partner.


When you are writing a book for kids while investing your time and effort, you should pay attention to the illustration process. While working with an illustrator do not compromise on quality, make sure that kids receive the best art to look at.


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