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9 Reasons to Spend a Quarter, Semester or School Year Abroad In South Africa

School Year Abroad In South Africa

Have you ever dreamed of living surrounded by extraordinary nature, ocean views, exotic animals and a sparkling and fascinating culture?

In the extreme south of Africa, South Africa is divided into nine provinces and is distinguished by a mild and moderate climate, a sunny and hospitable people, breathtaking landscapes and beautiful beaches for surfing. If you are already study in UK, USA or Australia but if you study stay in South Africa during high school is the perfect destination for lovers of sport and outdoor activities.

Do you want to find out why living a Quarter, Semester or School Year abroad in South Africa can become the most unforgettable experience of your life?

Here are 9 reasons to spend a quarter, semester or year abroad in South Africa.

1 – We speak English

Although the official languages ​​of South Africa are as many as 11, the most popular are English and Afrikaans. Thanks to a study stay abroad in South Africa, you will know English perfectly. Your new friends, your Host Family and the teachers at your new school will talk to you and to each other in English. From the first moment, they will make you feel part of the community!

2 – It is perfect for lovers of outdoor activities and marine sports (surfing, hiking, kayaking and many more!)

Thanks to a mild climate during most of the year, the South African people love being outdoors and playing sports! During your year abroad in South Africa, you will have the opportunity to surf the beautiful beaches of the country, go hiking, visit national parks, go kayaking and explore all the natural pearls that South Africa has to offer. Not only that, sports are also a fundamental part of the school life of South African students, but we’ll talk about this later! Sound like an adventure, right?

3 – You will meet unique and protected animals, including African penguins and the famous Big Five

South Africa is rich in national parks where it is possible to admire protected animals in their natural habitat, among these are the famous Big Five: elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes and rhinos. Not only that, have you ever heard of African penguins? One of the largest colonies, which has about 3,000 penguins, is located near Cape Town, in Boulders Beach, and is located within Table Mountain National Park. An inevitable stage of your experience in South Africa!

4 – You can attend the summer quarter (July-September) and also leave in the summer between the fourth and fifth grade

The school year in South Africa begins in mid-January and ends at the beginning of December, and is divided into four term, i.e. four quarters. For this reason, you have the possibility to leave during the summer (generally in July) and re-enter the Italian school in September. Not only that, precisely because it is possible to attend the summer quarter, South Africa is one of the few destinations where it is possible to start during the summer between the fourth and fifth level!

Do you want to take part in the High School Program during the summer holidays or leave in the summer between the fourth and fifth grade?

5 – The course of study is similar to the Anglo-Saxon model. You decide what to study

The high school in South Africa is inspired by the Anglo-Saxon model, for this reason, you will have a totally flexible and personalized study plan. In addition to English and mathematics (the only compulsory subjects), you can choose from 6 to 9 subjects based on your interests and future aspirations!

You will be able to study unique subjects such as marine biology, fauna and flora, cuisine, as well as subjects common system such as biology, science, geography and history. There will then be many laboratories and even sports that are studied as real school subjects, such as hiking and biking. After the lessons, you will have the opportunity to be involved in many clubs and sports activities, which will allow you to integrate more and more with your new companions and into your life. As for schools in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, the uniform is usually worn in schools in South Africa, which is different from school to school and creates a strong sense of unity and belonging among students.

6 – The sense of family in South Africa is very strong. You will be welcomed as a child by your Host Family

The sense of family in South African culture is very much felt, your Host Family will welcome you like a child in their home and community. The moment of dinner for South African families is very important, in fact we usually have dinner together, creating a moment of union and sharing. It will take very little to integrate you with your Host Family and consider it your second family!

7 – You will live in a beautiful and safe area of ​​Greater Cape Town

During your quarter, semester or year abroad in South Africa, you will live in the beautiful area of ​​Greater Cape Town, which is known to be one of the safest and most characteristic areas of the country. In Greater Cape Town you will have the opportunity to experience South African culture in a welcoming and safe environment.

8 – You will see a completely unique and different culture

Africa is a continent that gets into your heart because it is so different and unique that it will make you fall in love with its traditions and its people. Thanks to study experience in South Africa, you will have the opportunity to discover a fascinating and complex culture that will gradually amaze you more and more, opening your horizons day by day. At the end of your experience in South Africa, you will be able to look at the world with different eyes!

9 – The costs of the Year Abroad in South Africa are contained and accessible

The costs of a quarter, semester and school year abroad in South Africa are relatively low,


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