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Latest Anime Series DVDs and Downloads…

Anime DVDs and Downloads
Anime DVDs and Downloads

The term anime series refers to any animation originally produced in Japan. However, while the Japanese use the word anime to describe any type of animation, whether or not it is made in Japan, Americans typically use this term only when talking about Japanese cartoons.

Although the first instance of anime was produced in 1907, this type of animation didn’t become popular in Japan until the 1930s. Because Japan filmmakers often had restricted budgets, limited choices of locations and strict casting limitations, animation gave them a way to create whatever locations, characters, and action they needed to tell their stories within their given budgets.

Anime has a distinctive style and look that is remarkably different from American-made animation. One of the primary reasons for this departure in style is due to the medium used to produce the cartoons. Unlike American animators who used to use pens to draw their cartoons, the Japanese would use brushes, just like the ones they used to do their calligraphy. This difference between anime versus American and other cartoons is most evident in the stylistic lines Japanese cartoonists use to shape their anime characters and scenes.

Today, like nearly all types of other games, cartoons, anime can be produced by hand or by computer software and special programs. With the progress of technology and the Internet, modern anime series fans typically enjoy their favorite anime on DVDs or through computer downloads.

Anime Series versus Manga

Anime vs Manga

Although some may use these terms interchangeably, they do, in fact, describe the different types of cartoons. While anime refers to animation in the form of TV series, 123movies and DVDs, manga describes printed comics and other types of printed cartoons.

Where to Find Anime DVDs and Downloads

As with other types of DVDs for rent or sale, anime DVDs are available in a variety of places, including:

  • At anime trade shows
  • At your local video/DVD rental store
  • Online (either through DVD rental services, such as NetFlix┬«, or through discount DVD retailers).

If you are looking for anime downloads, many are available online. However, before you start downloading any piece of anime, be sure that you are dealing with a reputable site. Downloading files from unreliable or questionable sites can cause you to download the wrong files or, worse yet, viruses that can permanently damage your computer.

Cost of Anime series’s DVDs and Downloads

The cost of anime DVDs and downloads will vary depending on:

  • The exact type of anime you want
  • The popularity of the anime you want
  • The quality of the DVD or download
  • The rarity of the anime

where you shop for anime.

For example, while an anime movie on DVD can cost as little as $10, a box set of a rarer anime series can cost as much as $100.

Tips on Downloading Anime Series

On your search for anime DVDs, keep in mind that it pays off to shop around. Here are some tips for getting the best prices on cheap anime DVDs and downloads:

Add shipping costs to the total. In some cases, so-called good deals may not be so good after you factor in a retailer’s shipping costs.

Compare multiple online retailers. All of the online competition for anime DVDs and downloads translates to competitive prices for you. Be sure to look around for the lowest price.

The “Cowboy Bebop” movie is going to suck. Why? Well aside from the fact that each episode of the show has a nearly separate plot, aside from the fact that all the characters’ backstories are slowly spread out throughout 26 episodes, aside from the fact that the show’s subtlety can’t possibly be successfully mushed into a two-hour flick, Spike Spiegel, that most badass and smooth of characters, will be played by…Keanu Reeves.  

Shop in stores and online. Because stores don’t have associated shipping costs, they may have better deals. Shop locally as well as online.

A contemporary art world darling, over the last decade or so he has had massive exhibitions of his anime-inspired pop art all over the world. And like Warhol, he’s turned his art into a very lucrative money making machine. Murakami has his fingerprints all over a wide range of industries: from his partnership with Italian design house Louis Vuitton, to a music video with hip hop superstar Kanye West, to over-priced tchotchke sold in museum gift shops.  


Similarly, the cost of anime downloads varies from site to site. In general, Websites that offer anime downloads. It will require you to buy a monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription to the site. After purchasing memberships, you then can download any anime series or movie on the site. These memberships range in cost from about $5 per month to about $50 per year.

In some cases, Web sites may offer free anime downloads. However, these sites tend to have very limited selections and downloads may not be the best quality.



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