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Is Your Animation Engaging Enough For Your Target Audience?

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The professional whiteboard animation needs excellent planning and yes the right gear so that you can create a well-budgeted whiteboard animation all from your cozy couch, utilizing the minimum resources. The significant expenditure is the document camera. This type of animations is taken advantage in many situations, such as in the sphere of marketing and communication as well as training and more. However how to make the whiteboard animation that creates a lasting impression on the audiences and stay for longer in their memories; it’s a process that may sound easy though it needs to be given the possible amount of time and energies let’s take a look at the steps.

Create a compelling script


A well-created whiteboard animation starts with persuasive writing. The text delivers the message you want your audiences to understand. The length of video the leap of the imagery and the complete success of the communication. Even most of the original illustrations or video tricks can cover a poorly created script. You need to be pitiless while you eliminate out the fuzz and uttering your message as concisely as possible.

Moreover, make sure that your writing should be in the form of an exciting story and need to be structured accordingly. Every good story comes up with a set structure that is the problem, struggling to cope up and the solution. If your script is not engaging, then it may be because it doesn’t follow the set standard.

The appropriate voiceover


If you have made a whiteboard video for some of your company’s relevant stakeholders, you need to consider having your audio track done by a professional voiceover. The professional voice artist will refine your audio track, remove breathing breaks and any distortions from the background and if needed, retake some parts of voiceover to add expressions to it. Since the majority of the voice artists have the expertise of recording the radio ads and pitches, and they often have a hard time taking out the sales tone from their voice. Though if you have reached the right talent, they might make your video appear much more professional than you would be doing it on your own. Make sure you have the excellent quality tools, noise protection filter, and make your recordings in a quiet room. 

Create an initial picture in your mind


Now you know that you have to deliver, you can now determine the right images as per your script. This might be fun and creative for a little while that you make a sketch. Make two to four sketched for every point you make. Some aspects may need many images to go with it. But make sure you don’t go into more details since there is no point for creating such detailed scenes for a few words. No need to worry regarding the feature, only try and give a sharp picture with icons and very basics of poses. 

Organize the images


Once you have determined what imagery must appear for what parts of the script, now you need to arrange your pictures. If you are confident, you might need to redraw your pictures into a final illustration. Though it’s as easy as scanning and here you organize them in Photoshop. This might give you the flexibility to rearrange the images, rotate and stretch them, and mold them into a shape of your choice. This is the point where you can come up with creating the final illustration. 

It’s time to record the video


This is the part of great entertainment, of drawing your illustration on camera. It might not be as much challenging as one might think you can take your time. We need to speed up the video in the final minutes, but that might not mean you need to work in a hurry. Stick with the guides to learn for how to make the whiteboard animation video and go in the pace you feel comfortable in. If you are tired, then you need to take a break, and even the mistakes can be fixed. Since it’s not going live, and you can fix things after they are well organized.

Sync your video and audio


Having the video shoot done you are now ready to make the magic happen by adding the audio track in your video. With screen casting, the task can be quickly achieved; however, it needs to be done in the video editing software that is light and professional. The objectives are;

•    To speed up the intervals of the video that need to be synced with the corresponding voiceover, creating the speed effect.

•    Give a little break at the end of the sentence to facilitate and time to the images that have just been drawn to be well understood by the audiences.


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