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Digital Marketing and Its Exponential Growth in the World


To create awareness and attraction related to any brand, product or services is what we call as Marketing. This is an integral unit of any of the organization or Improve local Business. Marketing in the old times was done through different mediums like print media and electronic media. But then things in this field started to change and the main reason behind the same was the induction of digital mediums in the world. Computers and Smartphones took over the world in the early 2000s and then people made everything based on these platforms. People started to find ideas of how they can make the contemplation of creating the marketing campaigns over these platforms for better results and this was how digital marketing has erupted in the world.

Since its induction in the world, it has grown exponentially. Not only it has kept its root to a single platform or medium but it has made the same to be widespread across every platform and this was extracting better results. Here we have listed a few whys of such exponential growth of digital marketing that we see all around the world.

  1. The Shift of World to Digital Mediums

The world started to shift from traditional and manual means and mediums to the digital ones. People started to bring digital mediums in their life for different purposes and this thus become important for marketers to get their campaigns on the digital and technological mediums. The increase in the use of digital mediums made the growth of this kind of marketing to be exponential.

  • Different Platforms To Be Used and Increased Creative Freedom

Digital marketing has grown because it has multiple platforms to be used. Another reason for such tremendous growth of digital marketing. People found out different platforms for this purpose. Platforms like Facebook, Wikipedia, Instagram, YouTube, and such others. You can use any of these platforms for your marketing operations. Wikipedia page creation service, social media managers and such other professionals can help you out in making the considerations on the same. This has made things easy but most importantly this thing has made the creative freedom to be enhanced in the world and this brought the marketers to think about anything and everything in their marketing operations. This was the reason that marketers started to contemplate on digital marketing and it gained so much popularity in the world.

  • It is Cost-Effective

Traditional marketing was expensive and nothing came as easy as it comes in the digital marketing field. To think about something creative as a marketing idea and to get it posted on social media platforms takes no money. This brought the marketers to have increased interest in digital marketing. But then it became a professional field and thus it started to require some money but still, it was not as expensive as traditional marketing was. Effective results in low costs were one of the other major reasons for its exponential growth.

Digital marketing is now in the structures of every business for one reason or another you cannot drive it out of the field of marketing. In fact, since its evolution, the field of traditional marketing is starting to move out and people are more often contemplating digital mediums of marketing rather than the traditional ones. Possibly, the bigger share is claimed by digital marketing in this field as it brings numerous benefits to the businesses but the only thing that could be stated here regarding the traditional marketing is that maybe it might lose the share of importance in the marketing field but it cannot be completely eradicated from the field.

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