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Before you get to the game of Wikipedia, learn the rules


Once again, Wikipedia has earned the fifth most visited website all across the globe with more than 1. 17 million sites connecting into it after Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Baidu. Wikipedia is known as the number one cited website for the marketers to have their brand placed on to it. The massive user base and credibility of knowledge are what makes Wikipedia the idea for digital branding. Are you among the individuals who are seeking the answer to the common how to create a Wikipedia page for a musician? Before you get to the game of Wikipedia, learn the rules.

Creating a Wikipedia account and remain truthful with it.  Wikipedia can straight away block your IP address if you have been found creating chaos by unnecessary interruptions, deletion, and fabrication of the existing articles.

Enter the playground with baby steps. Make smaller edits try updating with lesser existing pages, and you will get to learn how to make edits on Wikipedia. No need to worry if you are not familiar with the HTML and the referencing format you can switch to the visual editor. The more edits you make, there are the higher chances to get instant approval of the news articles.

List the references, mentions, and the multimedia resources, and you cannot have your article published unless your content is rich in notable and correct reference once you are done writing review, review. Submit on Wikipedia for the study, if everything appears reliable, there are more chances that you will sail through the process successfully.

 Your article is approved that’s awesome, and now the significant responsibility is to get through the external edits. By contributing your article on Wikipedia, you have already accepted the policies that your article can be used publically by anyone, can be modified and challenged or taken down.

Articles in Wikipedia has internally generated links to every crucial term observed in the sentence that facilitates you to link new tabs on every sentence and get your browser full with so many costs at a time and eventually losing the sight from the very purpose. But no need to get so clouded for here we have got you the sequence of activities to perform for the process of publishing and editing even if you are beginner or professional.

The guidelines for the Wikipedia account

Being a dutiful Wikipedia citizen, you need to be truthful with your activities as the Wikipedia editor. Any inappropriate edits, unauthorized information and fake involvement, or unnecessary modifications in your article or poorly written content, get ready to be challenged by the wiki community during the review process. Hence you need to be good with the understanding of the guidelines. Invest some time in understanding what precisely is required to publish and edit the articles on Wikipedia. Therefore the policies and guidelines of printing on Wikipedia is something that needs to be considered. 

You need to create the Wikipedia account with your real identity and the email credential. Once you log in, start with making edits with the smaller details you have prior knowledge. Whatever the contributions you make should be factual and authentic. Since the edit history is publically open for other editors. Once you have several edits confirmed beneath your belt, your following edits will be auto confirmed in some inferences.

Moreover, you will get individual rights, such as uploading images and replacing pages to the general public.

Hence stay connected to an individual account and create a reputation with the edit history. Stay patient, and after having some recognized count of approved edits, you will be given the rank of the autoconfirmed user. That hardly takes four days old account and ten edits. The next status is the extended confirmed user.

You can also become the administrator, read through the Wikipedia page access levels if you are notable enough with your editing and thinking for your next move of the edit practices.

If you are making efforts to create a new page its recommended to initiate after you have at least ten edits approved in your account history, as your page is challenged or gets taken down from Wikipedia, creating a new page with the same title becomes a headache, hence you should be aware and play safe.

Publishing on Wikipedia includes levels of high-end authenticity checks. Wikipedia’s standard and values along with offering free access to the information also guarantee the information is reliable neutral and verifiable.


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