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Which an App that was built for the Food Lover | Zomato

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Six years ago, Zomato app works in several countries of the world. In October, it was estimated that more than 30 million people already use this little invention to ensure that their next meal that it will not be a disappointment for them.

The company, created by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008 and a couple of days ago launched its new heart logo that expands throughout America. Thus, Zomato comes to have a presence in 13 countries and 42 cities, including Arab Emirates, India, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

How does it work?

Currently, the service has information on more than 7,000 restaurants in Santiago, including data such as location, menu, environment photos, positive/negative points, schedules and payment methods. In addition, each user (who can create an account or access with their Facebook or Google profile) can submit a review of the location.

Beyond the future expansion, one of the characteristics of Zomato is its constant updating of the information of the premises, carried out every 90 days.

This app has as one of its fundamental missions that people spend more time with each other than with their daily social media routines.

What business model will be best for creating an app like to Zomato?

If you are thinking about how to create an app like Zomato or a clone Zomato app, then there are a few key points:

  • The Restaurant Owners
  • The Stage Owner
  • The Delivery Professionals

The stage owners charge some money from the restaurateurs to get their restaurant’s name listed on the mobile application. A notification is sent to the nearest delivery boy, to restaurateur and to the stage owner when a user places an order. By working together at every phase with an influential algorithm, all the 3 sectors maintain the charming functioning of the stage for the costumers.

Actually. Zomato doesn’t own any restaurant or delivery service chains. It collaborates with the third party to make a supply for the request that rises.

In other words, it is an on-request business module for food. So, if you are willing to build an app like Zomato, you don’t need to have a restaurants chain as you can create your own brand on such broad platforms.

Features that an app like Zomato should have

  • Login and signup
  • Search functionality
  • Review features
  • User profiles
  • Photo sharing
  • Map view

How to create a Mobile App for food delivery Orders?

You can start your own Order and Home Delivery service for a restaurant or store. Users will be able to order directly from the application of a restaurant or store of their choice, this application will allow you to organize the delivery system.

Features like registration, card registration, request for food, delivery, delivery charge record, live packet tracking, automatic payment, multiple cards and history are included in a customer section.

Features like reservation, status, history of reservation and google navigation are included in deliveries section.

The restaurant/store’s owner can get advantage from the following features

  • Web Admin: Internet-based portal to view new orders and delivery details assigned to delivery.
  • Conditional Order Placement: Only those orders that have confirmed delivery will be placed.
  • Notifications: The delivery and the customer will be notified when the order is accepted and ready for delivery.
  • Edit Menu: Edit / Add items on the menu and update periodically accordingly.
  • Payments: Direct payment to the customer obtains the order and the generation of invoices directly from the portal, sent as a message and sent by email to customers.
  • Evaluation: Customers can rate the business based on their satisfaction.
  • Featured ad: Restaurants can opt for a list that appears in the application.



Every business needs a mobile application in order to increase its online recognition. Talking about an app like Zomato, there are chances that you fail covering up some crucial points. It is recommended to hire a mobile app developer or concern mobile app development company in order to have a clone mobile app. One of the most important facts that have to be kept in mind is creativity. Creativity is essential for a good mobile application, it doesn’t mean that you have to create a totally new application and that nobody has ever created. However, it is vital that the aesthetics of your app is striking for your user. Your app should be unique and attractive with all new technologies.


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