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The restriction on US telecommunication networks on ban devices from foreign suppliers


An add-on to the trade war between the US and China is that Trump has declared a national emergency and barred the use of technology and services of foreign suppliers, especially from opponent countries. This has restricted US telecommunication networks to use devices of foreign suppliers with the aim of preventing the risk to national security. The indirect target to ban Huawei 5G devices will significantly impact the business of Huawei. Additionally, the current users of Huawei will also have to suffer in terms of services but nothing is more important than national security and keeping this in mind the ban has been imposed. The US is trying that the allied countries should also limit Huawei 5G devices as they can be a serious threat to any country because Huawei is bound to Chinese government (being originated from the country) and thus can share data of their user’s country with the Chinese government which is undoubtedly a big threat as all this data can be significantly misused. A few other countries too have banned the use of Huawei 5G technology within their boundaries and the rest few are considering upon the decision. Meanwhile, the users of Huawei have started shifting to other devices for want of assured quality services in upcoming months. 

This clearly indicates that the users prefer to possess phones of an established manufacturer and they do not mind to make a shift for that. Likewise, the mobile users are anytime open to shift to a mobile network operator other than their current network operator in expectation of wider coverage, cheaper cost, greater technical support, and better customer services. If you are also one such user who is looking to switch to a network provider other than your current carrier, then here is a brief step by step guide facilitating a smooth switch.

Before anything, check if your phone is locked to a particular network or not. If the phone is not locked then you can simply buy SIM of a new carrier and start using it (do not forget to intimate the old network provider that you want to discontinue its services). However, if your phone is locked to a home network then the procedure might be a little longer but not a difficult one. In the latter case, to unlock your phone from the current network provider and start using the services of your desired network provider, proceed ahead as follows:

  • Hire a phone unlocking service online. A phone unlocking service which can unlock Samsung phone, unlock ZTE phone and unlock phones of other manufacturers under one roof can be a preferred choice.
  • Share the IMEI number, current carrier and original country of your phone with the phone unlocking service online through their official web portal. This information will help to identify the phone to be unlocked and generate the phone-specific unlock code.
  • Also, share your name, contact number and email id so that you can be contacted by the phone unlocking services.
  • Pay the charges of phone unlocking services online to confirm your order of unlocking your device.
  • Receive the phone unlock code (generated by the phone unlocking service) on the email Id you shared with the phone unlocking service you hired. It is important to make a note that this phone unlock code is unique to the device whose IMEI was shared and can unlock only that device. Phone unlocking services like samsungunlock.com make sure that they generate authentic unlock code so that your phone unlocks in the first attempt.
  • Once you are handy with the phone to unlock code, get ready with your phone to enter the code in your phone and unlock it permanently. For this, turn off your device and take out existing SIM card and replace it with a SIM card of a new network provider who was not yet supported till date.
  • On turning on the phone after entering the SIM card of new network provider, the phone will not recognize the new SIM card and will ask for a passkey (the name may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but it implies the unlock code). Here enter the unique and authentic unlock code emailed to you by the phone unlocking service you hired.
  • Your phone will unlock with immediate effect. You can now use SIM of your desired network provider (including the previous carrier). Enjoy uninterrupted coverage and better services of your chosen new network provider.


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