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The Effectiveness Of Wikipedia In Business Marketing

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The business and marketing worlds have evolved a lot over the past couples of decades. The emergence of the internet has contributed a lot to digital transformation; it has provided the business world with numerous benefitting marketing techniques and tactics. With the advent of social media and networking platforms, almost every business organization and company is now leveraging the power of social media to improve their brand reputation and expand its customer base.

The profitability of mobile apps and online ads is unquestionable. Where these apps and ads contribute to elevating the online presence rather, they also help in keeping the audience engaged with your content and product. However, there is one place on the internet, which has become the go-to marketing platform for hundreds of businesses and companies. It might be a bit surprising for many internet-users, but that platform is none other than Wikipedia. Several businesses and companies have been using Wikipedia as a marketing tool and have gained exceptional marketing benefits and outcomes from it. Where leveraging Wikipedia for marketing purpose is an effective approach, it can be a bit challenging.

Wikipedia—an innovation in marketing:

The chief reason as to why business organizations and brands use Wikipedia in marketing is to elevate their sales and revenues rates. Wikipedia is the fifth most visited website of the online world and is usually used for the acquirement of authentic information and relevant content. It is an old perception that Wikipedia is a website used by students to make projects and complete last-minute assignments. However, in reality, Wikipedia has far better implications other than the educational and academic usage and advantages.

Undeniably, popularity is the chief reason as to why businesses started using Wikipedia as a marketing tool and platform. However, it not the only reason behind such extensive use of Wikipedia in the marketing sphere. Wikipedia is an informational site and probably one of the most trusted ones, which makes it a credible platform for marketing.

Apart from its popularity and credibility, Wikipedia usually appears at the top of every search engine results page. A wiki page ranks the highest in a search query, making it an authoritative site in Google searches. A wiki page is the first link to get clicked so having a wiki page ultimately adds to reliability and authenticity of your brand and business.

The best part about making a wiki page for your business or brand is that it helps you in obtaining a place in the Google Knowledge Graph. Since Google extracts most of the information from Wikipedia to fill its Knowledge Graph. For that very reason, the use of Wikipedia has skyrocketed in the past few years.

Wikipedia—a non-promotional marketing tool:

Not only Wikipedia page creation is a daunting task, but Wikipedia page management can a bit challenging as well. Since at its core, Wikipedia is an informational site which means your content should be based on facts and facts only. Wikipedia doesn’t support and encourage the use of promotional and biased content. Wikipedia is all about content neutrality and an article with the slightest hint of biasedness is most likely to get removed. Unbiased tone and relevant citations not only make your content wiki-worthy. The best approach to compose a successful wiki page is to include reliable third-party sources.

Concluding thoughts:

Wikipedia is becoming one of the widely-used marketing platforms by numerous businesses and entrepreneur. The reason for that is that every business and brand now wants to maintain its presence on the world’s largest and 7th most visited platform. Maintaining a Wikipedia page is currently the best marketing strategy.  


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