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How To Hire An Expert Children’s Book Illustrator

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There are some times when simple clipart images won’t cut in, especially when it comes to children’s books and fables. Illustrations are a necessary part of children’s books and play an important role in educating and attracting children to learn through these colourful images. 

For those of you who write children’s stories may also want to consider having eye-catching illustrations for the book. Where the story outline is what makes it different from other books, the creative illustrations gives the book a unique look that makes it stand out from all others. However, the question that appears is how to find a good illustrator that can help you in illustrating your book. 

A good place to start is with your publishers. Often publishing agencies have contacts with illustrators and graphic designers who provide you with creative illustrations for your book. Where it is convenient to have someone else do the legwork for you, you might not have control over the creative process of the illustrator, or you might not get the type of work you wanted for your book. 

A better choice for you can be to hire affordable children’s book illustrators on your own so you can have the illustrations according to your preferences. Here are some steps to help you to find a creative illustrator for your work. 

Before you begin looking for an illustrator


The process of illustrations begins with the writing process. Think about the visual images you have in mind when you start to write and make notes for it. You must also understand that communication is a significant aspect of delivering your thoughts to the illustrator so he or she can create what you want. You can sketch out your ideas and leave the rest for the illustrator. However, make sure to make a draft when they are still fresh in your mind. 

How to find a good illustrator?


Once you have decided what you want, there are many places where you might find a good illustrator

  • Referrals: asking other writers in your genre for illustrators they have worked with can give an idea of hiring an affordable illustrator.
  • Google: the best place to find a good illustrator for hire. There are many sites such as Fiverr and more where you can easily find a freelancing illustrator, compare the prices and work along with hiring them according to your genre of work. 
  • Visit illustration agencies online: there are many online illustrating agencies who can provide you with creative images for your book according to your choice of work. That’s not it; you can easily have their assistance in writing your book while they work on your visions and bring them to life. 

How to hire an illustrator

As said before, illustrations are a great way to communicate and attract readers to books. Some ways to hire illustrators are as follows: 

  • Review their portfolios: reviewing portfolios can be a time-consuming process. You must understand that illustrating your book is an investment of time and money, so you need to choose your illustrator wisely. Take different options under consideration and make a list of those whose work is according to your sketches and what you have in mind. Narrow down your list by simply cutting down your options of illustrators and choose the one that is able to make creative illustrations.
  • Communicate your vision: this is the most important part of hiring an illustrator. Being an author, you must know how to elaborate your thoughts and visions to the illustrator so he or she can work to bring those visions to life. 
  • Give feedback: another important thing to consider is giving feedback to the illustrator so you can get what you require. Don’t just leave the creative process to the illustrator, but get involved with the process so you can help in creating images that can attract the readers. 
  • Share it with the market: get suggestions from family and friends to know its impact on the readers. 
  • Make sure that the illustrator is on the same page as you: this is where the magic happens. Your illustrator is the creative hand who knows how images, shapes, and colours can impact the human mind. You need to make sure that your illustrator has completely understood your concept and can connect with it to attract young minds through colourful images. 
  • Don’t forget to give credit to your illustrator: you might be the brains behind the story, but the illustrator is one who bought the book to life. Words can have an impact on young readers, but illustrations are what makes it interesting to be read by a child. So make sure that you give proper credit to the illustrator along with yourself and add links for their promotion. 


All in all, once you know the importance of illustrations for children’s books, you must also understand the need of hiring an illustrator who can provide you with creative images for your work. So take your time to research and find the right illustrator to design your book. 



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