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How To Create The Perfect Wikipedia Marketing Technique


It might be astonishing to some but now Wikipedia itself has become a strategy or a powerful tool for shaping marketing strategies. Wikipedia is not the only Wiki-based platform that is being used for it but since it is the most popular one out of the existing ones, it is essential to build your content marketing strategy using Wikipedia.

Well, you must have noticed already that websites depend upon the search engine and content is what shapes the websites. Without quality content, a website is not going to receive or generate traffic, as there will be zero user retention rates. As for the emulation of a Wikipedia marketing strategy, you have a few principles to follow.

Here are the following essential principles that are required to be followed for a sound Wikipedia marketing strategy.

Curation of quality content

It is not a far off thought to acquire the best content for your website and nor is it impossible to do so. When you write content for an online blog post or an article, you make sure it has better readability and it is interesting to capture the website user’s attention. As for Wikipedia, both quality and uniqueness matter the most. The content should not only be unique but it is also required to be interesting and a worthy read. That is only possible when the topic you have chosen is unique and has not been covered anywhere else on the internet or on similar sites.

Use references and citations

Plain content without any external links or citations is never going to be accepted by Wikipedia moderators. If you want your content to be accepted, you would need to make it interesting for them. That is done by inserting references and links to other similar am authentic Wikipedia articles. When your reader would not understand a piece of content, they would be bound to leave but do not let them leave when you create interesting content. The more resources and links you add to your content, the more credible it becomes in the eyes of the readers.

Add only relevant keywords

Suppose you are going to write a Wikipedia page so once a topic has been chosen, the next step is to add the keywords. You would first have to find those keywords but know that the selection cannot be random. You can use keyword analysis tools to find the keywords that fit your page’s description better. So, now that the keywords have been chosen, the next step is to stuff them into the content. Unnecessary keyword stuffing is a very common activity so once you have written the content; you can find Wikipedia editors for hire and let them adjust the keyword density for you by editing your Wikipedia page very carefully and precisely.

Seek professional help for content writing

It would not be a bad idea to get help from professional writers. This can be done only when you feel stuck about finding the right content, streamlining the categories and adding relevancy to the topic you are writing. Working with professional writers is a bit costly so you first it is better to write your page’s content just as you intend to and then if needed, you can work with an editor to fix any obvious mistakes from the content.

Finding credible and authentic sources

Since Wikipedia has a separate section for sources and citations, you just cannot leave this part out. However, content cannot just be added in textual form but it should have all the necessary references and citations or else the tone of the content is not going to look so credible. It is already mentioned in the Wikipedia guidelines that the content should contain citations from already existing credible sources as there should be a method to prove the authenticity of the content and the citations and sources are the only probable way to bring authenticity into a Wikipedia page.


The reasons why a page could be rejected or the reason why it could fail has not any fine rules defined to it. The only main requirement is to have a global online presence since Wikipedia has higher domain authority across all the search engines such as Google. While the techniques for content marketing and SEO vary for other brands too but Google is the most prominent and widely used in this domain. Soon the traditional methods of marketing will be replaced with digital marketing but who knows much the future of digital marketing is going to transform as this is only the beginning of it.



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