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Few Remarkable Logo Design Trends that most Designers Prefer


The way to determine which logo design trends were most preferred by designers is by carrying out extensive research on it. To figure out which trend will be prominent and dominate in the years to come will also mean to take much consideration of the previous most appreciated trends. It has been seen that in the present time designers more than ever before have begun to take higher consideration on the previous trends and are even adapting them to present in a much more unique and innovative manner. This collaboration of the past trends with a newer enhancing feature is really turning out to result remarkably well. 

Wiki page creators around the globe highly support brands to indulge in the logo design trends according to the markets indulgence and preference. The reason to why wiki page creator’s statements hold importance here is because the services of a Wikipedia page creator and a logo designer are opted by businesses or the similar reasons to create better brand awareness and a more evoking relationship with their audience. For your assistance, I have carried out much intensive research in the market of logo designs and have placed a ranking below of the most popular logo design trends amongst the designers.

Designers in the present time are working on the logo designs with the mindset that every brand or client they associated with have a clear understanding that their logo will be viewed on various platforms.  Due to this reason brands are very concerned with regards to building up an increased personal connection with numerous customer groups. Making each trend that is mentioned below to be equally important but the ranks may vary by each requirement of the brand. As these variable logo design trends can be adjusted according to the audience the brand wants to approach. 

  1. Variable logo design

Variable logo design is featured to separately enhance the connection among the customer and the clients. This is done as these logos are able to embrace the challenge of adaption. Variable logo design has categories such as dynamic topography, thoughtful customization and specialized iconography that assists to frame a much more genuine connection to the precise requirement of the audience that is being targeted towards. The reason why brands seem to desire variable logo designs is due to its simplicity.

  • New Age geometry

New age geometry is certainly one of those trends that are very easily identified. Being one of the main reasons why we subconsciously create a limit for its potential. It has been seen that geometry design styles have fallen to be overly calculative and cold but it is found to be easily described in the year 2019 due to its increasing trend. Designers have increased the use of this trend by pushing it intentionally to newer heights by incorporating vibrant colors and easier comprehending composition.   

  • Logos that trick the eye

The best way to explain the manner in which this logo trend works it better defined in the French term “trompe l’oeil” which means to be deceiving to the eye. As a designer to take on this trend is not easy from an angle while having numerous ideas on how to present the trickery while staying true to the logo design as well. Being a very embarking practice that designs are making more approach towards while presenting their creativity. Since it is a trend that has been growing year by year continuing in 2019 seems to reign furthermore as well.  

  • Purposeful color

Being able to portray an entire storyline via the visualization effect of colors is tremendous and an inventive method as well. That is very well played out by designers as they infusion meaningful colors in the logos that help to bring forth an authentic relationship between the brand and their audience. You don’t require an expert to tell the certain meaning of colors such as red which represents compassion and etc. Such colors with meanings when best added with the logo give out remarkable results.

  • Elevated negative space

Elevated negative space is created best by those designers that are believers in dispensing everything till the point they reach where the design is broken down completely. Such logs that are created in such a moment are able to leverage negative spaces in an evident manner and are able to elevate the categories.  Successful designers make utmost use of negative space in unexpected ways.



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