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5 Content Marketing Platforms That Are Just Amazing


Content marketing is a buzz word in recent times. We have heard about it all around in contemporary times and this is a technique that has changed the entire marketing around. Well, for those who don’t have an idea about what content marketing is. It is a kind of digital marketing where you create content for marketing purposes. But it not just about creating the content a number of other things are important too and platform is one of them. This is what we have as a focus here. Here we bring you to 5 content marketing platforms that have been listed for their amazingness. These platforms can bring you a number of benefits that you can’t even imagine.

  1. Facebook

Top in our list for the best content marketing platforms. This was originally created for bringing out social media networking to be done. However, the platform got an amazing response in just a few years and its reach expanded much more than it was expected. It got the attention and then the idea to market ideas and products and business of this platform become profound. Businesses explored this platform is the best for getting response and conversions in their marketing objectives.

  • Wikipedia

This again is a platform that was not originally created for content marketing and the main purpose behind this platform was to create an online encyclopedia but the fact that it became one of the most visited websites in the world made it be converted into the content marketing platform. It has several features that can allow you to make the best strategy for content marketing. Yes, you might need a Wikipedia writing service for getting you to the content creation process. The tracking of visitors, connecting the backlinks and everything else that it offers has made it one of the best content marketing platforms in the world.

  • Instagram

Well, another social media platform that is being used in content marketing is Instagram. The platform was created for sharing pictures and videos to be shared and content marketers found out that this could be a potential platform for their marketing purposes and objectives that includes visual and graphical content. This can get you a million viewers in just a few hours and that is the best part of this platform.

  • HubSpot

Well, HubSpot is the perfect platform to find anything and everything that you are looking for in terms of information. Hubspot is one of the finest content marketing platforms ever created. This brings people to have their content to be published and then get the attention of the target market to anything. Hubspot is a great idea if you have some amazing written content to be published for marketing reasons.

  • YouTube

Millions of views in just a day is not a problem with YouTube but only if your content is amazing. YouTube could be listed in your content marketing platforms if you want to explicitly be creative with your content. The conversions could be got through YouTube ads or even with YouTube videos. This platform can even earn you money with your videos and thus it is a two-way addition to your business monetary resources. These are the five platforms that can instantly give you millions of visitors and response on your content. Just only that your content should be amazing as it is always expected to b


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